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Monday for achievements

T minus 2 months till my boards and I started my day off to a productive start. I was able to achieve everything that I needed. I was also excited when I saw the crossfit workout posted, even though I had to run and over come my problematic double unders. Today I decided to push myself, go up to level 2 and work on my back squat.

Not only did I PR in my back squat making it up to 2 reps at 215# (95# - 5, 125# - 5, 155# - 3, 185# - 3, 205# - 2, 215# - 2…I was suppose to 225# - 1, 235# - 1), I also did 45 HSPU, and also PR getting 3 double unders in a row and 30 in 2 minutes. I had four rounds of running 400m, 15 HSPU and 50 DU or 2 min DU. I finished in 24 minutes, which for me was amazing. I also was able to do 10 over hand strict pull ups with a band, 5 under hand strict pull ups with a band. I am so proud of how far I have come and cannot believe where I started! Whenever I thought of quitting I just pushed myself a little bit further and beat my expectations and was able to do a modified level 2 workout.

Even though I know crossfit gets a bad rap, but with the right coach and listening to your body…you can go far. It combines weight training with HIIT which is proven to torch fat! You also get this amazing sense of community, support, and a rush from other peoples success. Why wouldn’t you workout with those who hold you accountable, push you, and inspire you? You make your workout…you can either push yourself or rest in your comfort zone without seeing change. Let’s make it happen!

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Fun workout

Run to commerce (.5 mile)
5-1 renegade row 25lbs
1 waiters carry
3 stairs
5-1 burpee box jumps
1 wall walk
3 stairs
5-1 single arm KB clean
1 burpee
3 stairs
Run to commerce

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Happy st paddy’s day!

After getting up early and spending the day with S learning about microbes…and being very productive I might add, I ended it with a night working out with Gina and her hubby. I am so thankful for the people that have been brought into my life! Chan also came up with a wonderful idea of having drinks, which was so delightful. A wonderful day to end a very Irish day!

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Are they crazy?

I swear the local gym has lost their brains…they are letting go my favorite coach because she got offered a full time job with benefits and they couldn’t handle her going down to a part-time trainer! Ridiculous! But being selfish I am glad that I am one of the last people she has coached…she always pushes me to be better and yesterday was on of those days. I finally was able to do a pull-up!!! Thats right I finally met my goal…now to work on the 10 in a row I want. I also increased my DL max to 240#…yesss so awesome! Well with the hard news of G leaving in April…she left us an amazing workout!

Warm up:

10 pass throughs

10 inch worms

20 BW squats

20 lunges


4 rounds of 10 ea

parallel TRX rows

BB bicep curl (50#)

BB rows (70#)

1-6 Push press (95#)

3 KB squat (16 kg)

3 T2B

1-6 grasshoppers on BB (that used for PP)

1 min rest

6-1 PP (95#)

3 KB squat (16 kg)

3 T2B

6-1 grasshoppers on BB


3 rounds

10 KB sit ups (16 kg)

10 super mans (plank position)

Such a good workout!

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Bootcamp this week

Tuesday craziness:

5 man makers
10/10 pistols
15 wall balls

10 man makers
20/20 pistols
30 wall balls

15 man makers
30/30 pistols
45 wall balls

10 man makers
20/20 pistols
30 wall balls

5 man makers
10/10 pistols
15 wall balls

1 mile run


TRX mountain climbers
Weighted lunges (R/L = 1)
Thrusters (70#)
Deadlift (135#)

50 figure 8 
20 Rollie pollies

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Fitness is Addictive

I recently discovered that I have created monsters. Let me explain…two of my good friends who I have begged to come to workout classes with me, now are just as addicted as I am to heavy lifting. I have had to work hard to change their mental attitude from “I can’t lift heavy weight because I am not strong enough” to “I can do this”. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we cannot lift like the boys. Case in point…yesterday my friend Chan who is a petite female who loves to run asks me if I will workout with her today and revisit a workout I designed for her to try a month or so ago. She wanted to try and see if she could beat what she did last time…and did she. Not only did she beat her max, but so did I!! I love it! Seeing guys’ faces when I am lifting heavy weight! So today was max wt squat day:

OH squat - 125#

Front Squat - 185#

Back squat - 205#

Mini OT: 21 - 15 - 9

HS push ups

KB swings 20 kg

TRX rows

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Monday with Gina

Warm up x 2:

5 pull ups

5 PU

5 inch worms

Work out:

7-1 clean and press 95 lbs

7 pancake press

7 BB rows

7 chin ups

7 spiderman rows

7 BB bicep curl

7 burpee jump over bar


Fun game that also included my brain…moving 10-45 lb plates in a specific pattern.

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Mondays with Gina

I love love love…and look forward to my Monday workouts with Gina. I have no idea what I am going to do without her next year!

Jess and I had some fun including a good comedic moment at the beginning!

Warm up:

5 pull ups

10 side shuffles

10 scorpions

3 inch worms with PU


2 BB sumo high pulls: 1 bench press (115 lbs) - 2:1, 4:2, 6:3, 8:4, 6:3, 4:2, 2:1

1-5, 5-1 wall balls (squat low), box jumps, HRPU (do 1 wall ball, 1 box jump, 1 HRPU; 2 wall ball, 2 box jump, 2 HRPU; etc)

3 rounds - 10 

Front squat - 135 lbs

TRX one leg lunges (like a curtsy lunge)

I was so tired at the end that I couldn’t do the OT… but it was a row sprint!

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Girls go hard!

Tricia, Jess and I decided to have some fun at the gym before class!

Clean and jerk max (I did 135 lbs whoop)

Mini Round workout:

500 m row sprint - I was able to do it in 2:12 and 2:13 (1 person rows while other cycle through as many rounds as they can and then switch off, each person must row 500 m x 2)

10 TRX rows

10 KB swings (16 kg OH)


(I was able to get through 7 rounds)

One of the first year guys came up to me at school and said how he was shocked at how hard we were going. All I could say was…”That’s how we roll”. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we don’t lift heavy and go hard! Shocking the gym world one day at a time!

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